Privacy policy

Collection of personal information

Applications provided by SevenBeat Corp (hereafter this application) use Google AdMob, UnityAds for ad delivery. To create ranking data, we collect arbitrary characters that are not tied to personal information.

Purpose of using personal information

About ad delivery

This application uses an advertisement service of a third party distribution. For more information on Google ads, please see our policies and agency ads. For more information on ads in UnityAds, please refer to UnityAds policies and contract ads.

About collecting customer's personal information

In this application, we may ask you for your personal information in order to use it. As a general rule, we will not collect personal information from you yourself without obligation. When this application tells personal information from the customer, we will collect personal information after clarifying purpose of use. (However, please understand beforehand that there are services that can not be used if you can not tell us personal information from you.)

About the use of your personal information

In this application service, we will limit it to use within the range of purpose of use specified to the customer beforehand. In the event that it becomes necessary to use the customer's personal information beyond the scope of purpose stated when collecting personal information from customers, we will inform the customer to that effect.

Responding to requests for disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, deletion or suspension of provision of third parties of personal information

In the event that you receive a request for disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension or elimination of use or deletion of third party provision etc. concerning the customer's personal information registered in this application, We will respond promptly after confirming it.

Disclosure / provision of personal information to a third party

As a general rule, we do not offer various kinds of information provided to third parties unless it falls under any of the following cases.

Compliance with laws and regulations, norms and review

SevenBeat Corp will comply with Japanese laws and regulations applicable to personal information held and other norms, review the contents of this policy as necessary, and make efforts to improve it. It may be changed at any time without prior announcement due to change of business contents, revision of laws and regulations etc.


For inquiries about the privacy policy, we accept from " inquiry " at the bottom of the page.



 有限会社SevenBeatの提供するアプリ(以下本アプリ)は、広告配信のためにGoogle AdMob、UnityAdsを使用しています。 ランキングデータ作成のために個人情報に紐づかない任意の文字を収集しています。



 本アプリは、第三者配信の広告サービスを利用しています。  Googleの広告における詳細については、Google のポリシーと規約の広告を参照してください。 UnityAdsの広告における詳細については、UnityAds のポリシーと規約の広告を参照してください。